On June 15, 2017 our firm finished a two (2) day bench trial in the Circuit Court of Kane County regarding a case that has lasted two (2) years against our client, an Advance Practice Nurse. We are pleased to announce that the Verdict was in our favor on all Counts against VNA HealthCare including its demand for a large sum of attorney’s fees. The Complaint was brought back in 2015 for breach of contract and alleged that our client failed to give her 90-day notice prior to leaving. If you are an Advanced Practice Nurse please take the time to review any contracts you sign and be certain to document any violations that your facility or practice may commit. Because our client had documented her poor treatment so well we were able to establish in court that she was not in breach when she left VNA. To reference this case please refer to case number 15 AR 497 in the circuit court of Kane County or contact me with any questions or concerns. I truly believe this victory is essential to all those Advanced Practice Nurses out there who are taken advantage of by their practices. I strongly commend my client for having the courage to never reach a settlement with the Plaintiff and holding to her principles during this two (2) year journey.