We are pleased with the outcome

We would like to thank you for your help. Your advice helped us to come up with a quick solution to our problem. We are pleased with the outcome. I will gladly recommend your services to any of my friends or family that may ever need it. Thank you again for your help.

—Ayala Shahaf

Jim is an excellent attorney

Jim is an excellent attorney and has done some incredible work for me. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He will help you find a solution to any issue you may have. I truly believe that.

—Dr. Randall Davis

Jim is an expert in his craft

Professional licensing is a very specific area of law. James B. Goldberg & Associates‘ ability to focus on this area has allowed our firm to obtain successful results for our clients.

—H.R., Nurse

A great attorney

I had the pleasure of meeting James at the IDFPR and seeing him in action. I highly recommend James for professional liability defense work; he’s a great attorney.

—Melissa Taormina, J.D., LL.M.

Truly cares about his clients

James is a wonderful attorney. He truly cares about his clients and their needs.

—Beth Strawn

I strongly recommend him to my fellow nurses

I am writing this review to mention that James Goldberg provided me with excellent service. As a nurse, it is nice to know that there is an attorney out there who is there to help us with our daily challenges. I was terminated from my facility and James Goldberg helped guide me through the process. James Goldberg is very knowledgeable regarding nursing rights and always maintains complete professionalism throughout your case. He returns phone calls in a timely manner and is a great listener. I am grateful to have James Goldberg on my side and I strongly recommend him to my fellow nurses and others as well no matter how big your issue.

—Rosline Okendo

How have we helped you?

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The one and only lawyer I would want at my side

I would not go to State without him! He is the one and only lawyer I would want at my side. He is there 100 percent for his clients. He is very well educated with the nurse’s practice act and of course knows the laws. I’ve needed him more then once and he’s always been there ready to defend and make things right for me. My advice to any fellow nurses you get a letter from state the first thing you need to do is call this man. I promise he will make the difference on the status of your license.

—Crystal Ackman

Very knowledgeable and supportive

My first experience with the state of Illinois. Mr. Goldberg challenged me and prepared me for the most difficult situation. He is very knowledgeable and supportive. I would recommend him. Thanks, Goldberg.

—Stephanie Carey, LCPC

Highly recommended

Jim and I have worked together on numerous professional licensure revocation matters and other health related cases over the last decade with very successful results for our clients. Jim is a very good attorney and great advocate for each and every client. He understands the legal issues and works to achieve the very best result in each and every case. He is highly recommended.

—Michael V. Favia, J.D.

Former Chief Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation Prosecutor