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Unemployment Security for Nurses

As a result of representing nurses who become terminated we provide a unique and very cost effective service of helping throughout the stressful IDES process.

Unfortunately IDES denies more claims then they should especially when the employer is being less then forthcoming about the details of the termination. All forms to be filled out can be done online but we are glad to help.

In order to file you need a social security number and name as it appears on your card, a valid driver’s license or state ID, if claiming your spouse or a child as a dependent, the social security number, date of birth and name of dependent(s), employer’s name, mailing address, phone numbers, employment dates, and separation reason for all places of employment for the last 18 months.

Generally, to be eligible for unemployment you need to have lost your job through no fault of your own (or have fallen short of committing misconduct), have earned wages in insured employment, be available for new work and be actively seeking a new position. If unemployment is denied there is an appeal process. You must write a letter or complete an online form within 30 days of the date of determination was mailed to you, outlining why you disagree with the finding. If the reconsideration is denied, an appeal is automatically sent to the appeals division. At that point you will be given notice of date and time of your hearing.

Unfortunately too many applications are denied but our firm will prepare you and represent you at the hearing at a nominal cost since we know this is a difficult time in your life financially.

Resources for Health Professionals

Professional societies and other online resources can be a great help.