Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Professional Licensing in Illinois? James B. Goldberg & Associates has the answers.

Questions About Investigations?

The majority of all licensees reside and conduct business in the cook and its collar county area, and the majority of complaints received by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation require investigation in that region. Thus, the Enforcement Division is headquartered in Chicago. The Downstate licensees may be investigated by the Springfield office. Three enforcement teams-Medical, Health Related, and General-have Chicago and Springfield offices. Completed investigations in which there appears to be sufficient evidence of a violation are forwarded to the Department’s prosecutions staff for review. It will help in your overall disciplinary process to seek advice of counsel at this point and to refrain from becoming too emotional at this point since a formal complaint has not yet been filed and you can continue practicing your profession.

Questions About Discipline?

Once investigated, cases are assigned to a prosecuting attorney, and may be more fully investigated but with a focus toward filing formal administrative charges against the licensee for specific violations. If the staff attorney concludes that the matter has been sufficiently investigated and there is evidence supporting the complaint, formal charges will be filed. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and the licensee may enter into a settlement involving a discipline being imposed. If an agreement cannot be reached, a formal complaint will be filed. Once a formal complaint is filed, an administrative hearing will be held conducted by the board pertaining to your license and an administrative law judge. Read More…

Questions About the Narcotics, Alcohol & Drug Division?

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will take action against your license or attempt to refuse to issue and or renew your license if it learns of a drug and or alcohol issue. If you believe that you have an issue, the single best approach is to get help now. Our firm has extensive experience in getting you help acceptable by the Department with health care providers that are most often less expensive than those that may have been referred to you already. Every case is handled differently based on the facts so it is wise to consult with an attorney and our firm has a selection of consultants in your area of practice to help guide you through the process. Read More…

One More Question?

James B. Goldberg & Associates understands that each case is different. Contact us so we can go over the details of your situation. We will do our best to help.