Please take a look at this 10 traits as they may be helpful in your nursing career.

  1. They inspire their team and lead by example.
  2. They still really enjoy working on the floor, caring for patients.
  3. They’re flexible about your time off.
  4. When the shift gets busy, they’ll jump right in!
  5. They’re great listeners. They even pull you aside to work through what’s irritating you, and when you leave their office, you feel ready to get on with the day!
  6. They are strong, stable and compassionate.
  7. They know how to take charge and they know how to handle it!
  8. They don’t use “medical language” to talk over people’s heads.
  9. They meet the needs of the patient just like an RN, LPN or CNA.
  10. The patients don’t even know they're the manager unless they’re told.