Tips for Physicians:

  1. It makes a world of difference to address a nurse by her/his name. If unsure, don’t hesitate to ask – the mere question denotes recognition.
  2. Be a leader, not a commander – recognize that your role enables you to create an atmosphere where nurses feel comfortable sharing patient concerns and asking questions without feeling inferior.
  3. Be considerate of the nurse – patient interaction when walking into a patient’s room.
  4. Discuss the plan of care for complicated patients directly with the nurse – it takes less than 2 minutes to engage the RN and provides an opportunity for education.
  5. Participate in joint educational and celebratory events. The ROI (Return on Investment) far exceeds the time/cost – the benefits are tremendous.
  6. If you have a problem with a patient’s care, speak to the nurse involved first; then the charge nurse.
  7. Invite nurses to round with you. Create a welcoming atmosphere.
  8. Recognize the difference in education. Volunteer to give at least two mini in – services a year to staff on your area of expertise or concern.
  9. Recognize the nurse’s role at the sharp end: a critical member of the team.
  10. Compliment nurses who are doing a great job in public and in private.