Tips for Nurses:

  • Always have the chart in hand when calling a physician.
  • Adopt the SBAR tool as a standard of communication – especially telephone conversations.
  • Don’t begin telephone conversations with “I’m sorry to bother you….”
  • Be prepared for rounds. Anticipate late night problems ahead of time.
  • Use the progress notes to briefly communicate your key concerns/interventions.
  • Confront physicians whose behaviors are degrading by speaking to them in
    private. State the behavior and its effect. Ask manager for support if needed.
  • Take the time to thank and acknowledge those physicians with whom you have a
    good working relationship.
  • Don’t complain about a doctor to other staff. If you have a problem, speak to the
    physician in private.
  • Raise your awareness. Identify those physician behaviors which belittle or
    diminish you (one – word answers, no eye contact, interrupting, raised voice, etc.)
  • Further your education by pursuing a BSN or MSN degree.