There are a lot of nursing programs starting this fall and many of licensed practical nurses (LPN's) are debating whether or not they should move forward and become registered nurse (RN). Let me inform you about some of the advantages of becoming Registered Nurse. The main and most obvious difference between LPN and RN is a higher salary. In 2010, RN received annual median wage of $65,690, while the median wage for an LPN during the same period of time was $40,380, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Earning an RN degree might be a struggle, especially when you are already working as an LPN, but the higher salary will be a great payoff for you. Also, becoming an RN might be a good way to open up the door to grater career opportunities. If you decide to go even further in the nursing field you can earn RN to BSN or Masters Degree. That will allow you to work for example as nurse educator or nurse practitioner. So id you want to have more opportunities inn nursing field you definitely need RN degree first. If you have more questions about becoming an RN and its legal issue call Illinois Nurse Attorney James Goldberg at 312-735-1185 or visit his website at