According to Section 1300.360 of Illinois Nurse Practice Act, practice as a registered professional nurse means the full scope of nursing, with or without compensation, that incorporates caring for all patients in all settings, through nursing standards recognized by the Division, and includes all of the following and other activities requiring a like skill level for which the registered professional nurse is properly trained:

  1. The comprehensive nursing assessment of the health status of patients that addresses changes to patient conditions.
  2. The development of a plan of nursing care to be integrated within the patient-centered health care plan that establishes nursing diagnoses, and setting goals to meet identified health care needs, determining nursing interventions, and implementation of nursing care through the execution of nursing strategies and regimens ordered or prescribed by authorized healthcare professionals.
  3. The administration of medication or delegation of medication administration to licensed practical nurses.
  4. Delegation of nursing interventions to implement the plan of care.
  5. The provision for the maintenance of safe and effective nursing care rendered directly or through delegation.
  6. Advocating for patients
  7. The evaluation of responses to interventions and the effectiveness of the plan of care.
  8. Communicating and collaborating with other health care professionals.
  9. The procurement and application of new knowledge and technologies.
  10. The provision of health education and counseling
  11. Participating in development of policies, procedures and systems to support patient safety. (Section 60-35 of the Act)

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