In a recent poll, nurses were once again at the top of 21 professions for honesty and ethics. We’ve held that spot for seven years now. That’s according to a Gallup Poll, 84% percent of Americans rate nurses’ honesty and ethics as “very high” or “high.”

Understandably, we beat bankers, congressmen, journalists and lawyers, but we also out-perform physicians, pharmacists, teachers and even fire fighters. Lobbyists, telemarketers and car salesmen fare the worst.

Why do we do so well?

It’s hard to say, and Gallup doesn’t try to answer the question, but I think it’s relatively simple. Typically, nurses have little financial or other incentive to do the wrong thing, and we are educated and licensed to serve as the patient’s advocate.

Nursing is also still seen as a sacrificial occupation, suggesting nurses may have a greater commitment or calling to the work.

This notoriety is another reason that I enjoy the nurses at Wellness Nurses – we are all like-minded individuals building a business on the side so we can pay for our passion.

With our USANA businesses, we’re able to work our day job in the profession we love, and apparently where we’re trusted – but we can also work to create home-based income by making money from home so we can someday say goodbye.