• Registered Nurse Petition to Restore

In this matter our client has been put on a very restrictive probation for a guilty plea after being charged with Aggravated Driving while Under the Influence of Alcohol. This client hired us to remove remove some of her probationary restrictions. However, after intense preparation prior to meeting with Illinois Nursing Board we were able to remove her indefinite probation and put her license back on fully unencumbered status.

  • Registered Nurse accused of Narcotic Diversion, failing to renew her license, working on a non-renewed license and filing to report a termination.

In this matter our client tried to resolve her licensing matter on her own prior to hiring us and was told that her license was to be suspended for filing to renew and for working on a non-renewed license. After further review, her matter became more complicated after the Department received a notice of allegations that she was terminated and filed to report that. The reason she was terminated was based on allegations that she replaced narcotics on her facility med.cart with her own prescription after they were found missing. our firm was able to prepare her  for the meeting with the Illinois Nursing Board and close her case with no discipline and renew her license to perfect standing.