Out-of-state endorsement candidates need license verification from their state(s) of licensure. This includes the current state, the original state if different, and any other state in which the nurse has practiced within the most recent five years. NCLEX-RN results may be provided by the state of original licensure or by the testing company itself. Endorsement candidates may be issued a temporary license so that they can begin work before all paper work is processed. The standard endorsement application fee is $50; an applicant pays $75 if requesting a temporary license.

Graduates of programs that did not provide clinical practice concurrent or coordinated with nursing theory (i.e. correspondence courses) are eligible only if one of the following conditions is met: The candidate has actively practiced nursing for at least two full years while licensed in another jurisdiction or has since completed a graduate program that did include concurrent practice. The Illinois Board has specific requirements for coordinated practice as it applies to nursing education. There is an employment verification form in the application packet to be used by nurses who have practiced for two years following a nursing school experience that the Board deems “unapproved”.

Foreign nurses are eligible for Illinois licensing so long as they are licensed in the country where they did their education and meet all other requirements. They must have a credential report from one of two approved agencies. Credentials or license documentation that are not in English must be sent with a certified translation.

If a candidate’s first language was not English, the candidate must take the TOEFL or IELTS Academic Module. The Board may waive this requirement for a nurse who completed an English nursing program or took a licensing exam in English; this is done at the recommendation of the evaluation service. Details can be found in a supplement on the division website (http://www.idfpr.com/Renewals/apply/FORMS/CGFNS_02.pdf). Candidates should make sure information is current. They may email questions to the Board.