The Illinois Nurses Association recently announced a class action grievance filed against the Dixon Correctional Center.  Per the INA's website, "The members at Dixon Correctional Center had been working 8.5 hour days for over 20 years. The members did not realize this was a contract violation because the contract states 7.5 hour days (37.5 hours) work week. Management had been forcing them to take an hour lunch and remain in the facility. This also alleviated management's responsibility to pay overtime for count. A class action grievance was filed. We met and negotiated. Effective July 1, 2014, they will be working 7.5 hours, 1/2 hour lunch, and nurses assigned to count will receive overtime."

This is an excellent example of how knowing your rights can lead to improved working conditions. Healthcare workers, if you have questions about your working conditions or job contract, contact Goldberg Law Group. We'll do our best to help ensure you are treated fairly.