P.A. 99-0876: Some people with criminal records could have an easier time getting certain occupational licenses in the state under this law, which was sponsored by Chicago Democrats, Rep. Marcus Evans and Sen. Kwame Raoul.  The IDFPR will only be able to take a past felony conviction into account when deciding whether to issue a license if the offense relates to the kind of work the applicant is seeking to do.  The Department will also be required to issue a written decision if it rejects an applicant on the basis of a past conviction.  The law covers licenses for funeral directing and embalming, roofing contracting, cosmetology, esthetics, hair braiding, nail technology and barbering. 

The Department of Professional Regulation Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois (SB 0042/PA 99-0886): Allows health care workers to Petition to have their licenses reinstated if they committed certain non-sexual, nonviolent felonies that happened at least 5 years ago.

IDFPR may not deny a request for a professional license solely on the basis of an applicant's criminal record unless he or she was convicted of a crime directly related to the occupation for which the license is sought; loosens rules involving discipline for license holders who owe child support, shall provide annual report on applicant's thereafter (HB 5973/PA 99-0876).