The Department has received many inquiries regarding continuing education. The questions and answers listed below will hopefully provide some clarification. Please note that a complete copy of the Nurse Practice Act and the Rules may be found on the Department’s website

  1. What are the CE rules for RNs who are renewing their license?
    All registered nurses shall complete 20 hours of approved continuing education per 2 year license renewal cycle.

  2. During what time period must the Continuing Education (CE) be completed? 
    All CE courses must be completed in the 24 months preceding expiration of the license.

  3. This is my first time renewing my IL RN license – do I need to complete 20 hours of CE prior to the expiration date?
    No, a renewal applicant shall not be required to comply with CE requirements for the first renewal of an IL RN license.

  4. I completed continuing education hours for my nursing license in another state, will I be able to use those same completed courses for IL RN re-licensure CE courses?
    Yes, CE hours used to satisfy the CE requirements of another jurisdiction may be applied to fulfill the CE requirements of the State of IL for RN re-licensure per Section 1300.130(a)(6).

  5. Are there different ways to earn CE hours for IL RN renewal?
    CE hours for RN re-licensure shall be earned by verified attendance or participation in a program or course that is offered or sponsored by an approved CE Sponsor. Per the Rules, CE may be earned through a variety of ways including but not limited to in-person classes or seminars, academic classes, teaching CE courses or publication.

  6. What academic credits may be used to fulfill CE requirements for IL RN re-licensure in 2012?
    Academic credits may be used to fulfill CE requirements if the course content is consistent with subsection (c( (3): i. all programs shall: A) contribute to the advancement, extension and enhancement of the professional skills and scientific knowledge of the licensee in the practice of nursing; B) foster the enhancement of general or specialized nursing practice and values; C) be developed and presented by persons with education and/or experience in the subject matter of the program; specify the course objectives, course content and teaching methods to be used; and #) specify the number of CE hours that may be applied to fulfilling the IL CE requirement for IL license renewal.
    Courses that may not be used are degree core or general education credits such as English, literature, history, math, music and physical education.

  7. Will I have to provide copies of CE course completion documents for IL RN re-licensure?
    Each licensee is responsible for maintaining records of completion of continuing education and shall be prepared to produce the records if requested by the

  8. What is the fee for IL RN license renewal?
    The fee for the renewal of a professional nurse license shall be calculated at the rate of $30.00 per year, or $60.00 at the time of IL RN re-licensure.

If you ever have any questions related to Continuing Education or License Renewal Process please contact Illinois Nurse Defense Attorney James Goldberg at 312-735-1185 or visit his website