• What is the Illinois Medical Practice Act

The Act was passed by the Illinois General Assembly and sets forth the laws by which physicians are governed. The Act specifically identifies the types of violations for which doctors can be charged and disciplined. Several examples include: claiming a cure for an incurable disease, substance abuse,misleading advertising and violation patient confidentiality. Gross negligence is also a violation. The law defines gross negligence as "reckless or careless toward or a disregard for the safety or well being of the patient, and which results in injury to the patient."

  • How can I obtain a copy of the Medical Practice Act?

Acts and rules governing all professions regulated by the Division are located on the Internet at www.idfpr.com. Requests for mailed copies may be made by calling the Division's Forms Unit at 1-855-445-7763. Copies are also available upon request in the Division's Chicago or Springfield offices.