1. Newsletters and Correspondence were made available for board perusal. 
  2. Michele Bromberg introduced new board members Sandra Kubala and Joan Libner to the board. 
  3. Michele Bromberg indicated that applications relative to Schedule II Controlled Substance are ready. 
  4. It was discussed that duragesic patches are being cut after use which causes absorptions of the medication to the nurse. 
  5. It was reported that there are concerns that many facilities do not require gloves for the removal of the patches. 
  6. Michele Bromburg announced the revisions of the Rules for the Administration of the Nursing Act were filed for the 2nd posting and are on the August schedule with JCAR. 
  7. Representatives from the National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN) gave a presentation. 
  8. Brief discussion regarding the HB 6065 and HB 6744 bills.