The following in an excerpt from the Illinois Nurse Practice Act, Section 50-55 about the Department powers and duties. 

Department powers and duties:

  1. The Department shall exercise the powers and duties prescribed by the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois for administration of licensing acts and shall exercise other powers and duties necessary for effectuating the purpose of this Act. None of the functions, powers, or duties of the Department with respect to licensure and examination shall be exercised by the Department except upon review by the Board. The Department shall adopt rules to implement, interpret, or make specific the provisions and purposes of this Act; however no such rules shall be adopted by the Department except upon review by the Board.
  2. The Department shall prepare and maintain a list of approved programs of professional nursing education and programs of practical nursing education in this State, whose graduates, if they have the other necessary qualifications provided in this Act, shall be eligible to apply for a license to practice nursing in this State.
  3. The Department may act upon the recommendations of the Center for Nursing Advisory Board.