Based on Section 1330.200 of Illinois Pharmacy Practice Act, application for Certificate of Registration as a Pharmacy Technician

  1.  An applicant for registration as a pharmacy technician shall file an application on forms supplied by the Division, together with:
    * A copy of his or her high school diploma or its equivalent, or proof of current enrollment in a high school program; and         * the fee required by Section 1330.20 of this Part.
  2. Pursuant to Section 9 of the Act, an applicant may assist a registered pharmacist for 60 days upon submission of an application or, submission for reinstatement not due to disciplinary action, to the Division in accordance with subsection (a).  A copy of the application must be maintained by the applicant at the site of employment during and until notice of registration or disqualification is received by the applicant and must be readily retrievable for review by the Drug Compliance Investigator.
  3. A pharmacy technician must renew his or her registration with the Division on an annual basis.
  4. Technician certificate of registration must be displayed and visible to the public in the pharmacy where the pharmacy technician is employed.
  5. Every registered pharmacy technician shall notify the Division of any change in the address on record within 30 days after the change.
  6. No pharmacist whose license has been denied, revoked, suspended or restricted for disciplinary purposes is eligible to be registered as a Pharmacy Technician.