Your life may sometimes feel out of control, and the days may start blending seamlessly into each other. Luckily, there are ways of organizing so that you can enjoy you life to the fullest while also succeeding in your nursing job, relationships, and health. Whether you've just successfully left a drug rehab center or are simply wishing to improve your life, follow these top five ways to organize your life today.

  1. Keep a Journal. A journal helps you to prevent days and events from blending into each other. Nurses experience a lot of emotions and memorable events through out their shift. Simply write a few lines in your journal at the end of the day that you think are important. You can detail a funny interaction with a colleague or take note of a beautiful tree that you saw outside. You can describe if you felt happy or sad throughout the day, and why you believe you felt that way. While you may not read this journal in its entirety later, the act of taking notes helps your memory to save these events for later recognition. This will help you to see your life in a better and more interesting way, and you may enjoy reading a few passages years from now.
  2. Cultivate a Hobby. People say, "find a hobby," but what does that mean? Don't go searching for a hobby; instead, think of your passions or interests and let the hobby come to you. It may be poetry, woodwork, a musical instrument, or it may be simply walking new routes through town. Some hobbies can be as tasty as brewing the perfect cup of coffee, or analyzing films from a more critical aspect. Whatever your interests are, make sure to find time to cultivate them so that you can grow as a person and have time for enjoyment. Even 15 minutes a day of focus can help you to become more organized in other ways, and it's the daily effort that brings the most results in all of your ventures.
  3. Value Others. Unless a friend is truly toxic, it's important to keep friends and family in your life so that you always have someone to talk with and create memories with. If you haven't seen or talked to someone in a while, then contact them today to stay in touch. If you feel that you don't have positive people in your life, or not enough people, then look online for a local group that interests you. You can find groups for sports, games, discussions, and more online. Making time for social events is a great way to boost your mood while also making your life fuller. Without these social breaks, it can be very difficult working and doing the things you have to do.
  4. Get Your Finances in Order. This might mean refinancing a car, changing meal choices, or cutting down on entertainment. It might mean going back to some very basic financial principles that you never quite captured the importance of, i.e. keeping a simple budget. Whatever you need to do to get control of your finances, do it. Living within your means is a great way to rest easy, which in fact, will only help you feel more organized.
  5. If Necessary, Talk to a Professional. Sometimes life feels out of control, and it's in these times that a therapist or other professional can greatly help. Therapists work by guiding you towards figuring out life's tough questions for yourself. They will not tell you how to feel; rather, they will steer you towards the truths that can greatly improve your life. You only have one life, and it's in your best interest to take control and live it how you want.