Some nurses do not appreciate what they have but this does not really mean that nursing is not a worthwhile career. Nursing is one of the best career choices someone can ever make in their life. There are other careers that are more interesting and livelier than nursing, but when you think long and hard about the immense impact nursing has, you will start to appreciate the great importance it has.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before you berate your career choice of becoming a nurse.

  1. Am I successful?
    The first question you need to ask yourself is does everyone succeed in nursing? Well, the answer is simple. Not everyone who wants to become a nurse gets accepted into a nursing school program. This alone shows you that you succeeded when others didn’t. There are a lot of pre-requisites that are required like having good grades. Getting accepted into a nursing program is something to be proud of all on its own.
  2. Are the rewards worth it?
    You need to ask yourself whether other careers you would be interested in are as rewarding as nursing. There are a myriad of benefits attached to completing nursing school. You will be able to join a professional institution that will allow you to grow and change with. You can also gain autonomy and use the skills you learned in school to offer your own services to the community. Nurses are comforting to patients and when you are around, you make their experience much better.
  3. Am i appreciated?
    Being a nurse means that you are in control and for that reason, you have to be willing to go the extra mile in your work. During your tenure, you will meet all sorts of people who will respond differently to the kind of help you give them. Some will appreciate everything that you do for them but there are those who will remain silent but positive. Being the kind of nurse who expects positive feedback and praise from patients can sometimes lead to being let down. Since it is your responsibility to ensure that their well-being is looked after, it should come naturally to you that you have done the right thing. But of course it is nice to hear once in a while that you are very much appreciated.

If you answered yes to these three questions then it may be time to quit the complaining and begin the praising of the nursing profession.